SOMEDAY YOU'LL take THIS PICTURE Today, give the Gift of Stock®

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What do kids need to succeed?

Kids have time on their side. You're the one to take advantage of it with the Gift of Stock. You can easily give just once, or repeatedly. Pass on your experience with an investing lesson—whenever they're ready for some math. Give any amount today.



The sooner, the better

You get more time to ride out market volatility by investing sooner. Of course, there's no guarantee that your ride will end where you'd like it to. Whether you make a lump-sum gift or contribute over time, sooner is the way to go.

Make it a tradition

The Gift of Stock is smart for every gift-giving occasion. Once you create an account, you can easily add to it for birthdays, holidays, graduations, talent shows and more. To save even more time, schedule recurring investments.

Withdraw anytime, for anything the kid needs

A Custodial account is truly flexible. Unlike other investments for kids, which are limited to educational costs, you can use the account for anything for the kid. Buy him a saxophone? Yes. Send her to space camp? Sure. Oh, and of course, educational costs are okay too.

Make it a teaching opportunity

Kids have a lot to learn before heading out on their own. Having a strong understanding of money is essential. Your Gift of Stock is the perfect opportunity to talk about why and how people invest. Tip: hold that lesson at least until he learns to tie his shoes.

Example: $100 per month

Here is what $100 per month into a Sharebuilder Custodial account could be worth if it earned 8%

This hypothetical illustration shows an investment of $100 a month over a period of 15 years based on a fixed 8% rate of return. It is not a guarantee of future performance and does not represent any particular investment. Actual investment returns will vary with investment selections and changing market conditions. There are risks associated with the stock market, including the risk of loss. Calculations do not include federal or state taxes, inflation or trading costs. If such expenses were included, results would be lower.

Make a certificate

Want to present your present? Perhaps in some sort of container snazzed up with a bow? We hear ya. Customize a Gift of Stock certificate with the lucky kid's name and the details of your gift. Print it or save as a PDF.
Download a PDF

Something to wrap up

To make your gift more exciting, especially for a littler kid, add something inexpensive like a toy or book. It could even symbolize your gift. For example, a junior lab coat for a technology investment or a book on solar power for green energy.



Make a present of the future.

Start a Custodial account, get $50 after your first trade.