First, get your access code

  1. Sign In to your ShareBuilder Account
  2. Go to Accounts > Overview > Profile & Settings
  3. In the lower-right corner, select Create Access Code
  4. In the box that appears, select Get Access Code and the code will be created
Click: Create Access Code

Then, connect your tool

You can use your access code to add your ShareBuilder Accounts to most financial management tools, including, Quicken, Bing Finance, SigFig and more. Most of these tools have similar steps for adding an account:

  1. Look for an 'Add Account' button or link
  2. Search for "ShareBuilder" and select Investment as the account type, if asked
  3. Enter your ShareBuilder username in the 'Username' field
  4. Look for a 'Password' or 'Access Code' field and enter the access code you created with ShareBuilder

Steps for

  1. Above your list of accounts, select the "Edit" icon
  2. Select + Add Account
  3. Type "ShareBuilder" in the Search box
  4. Enter your ShareBuilder Username
  5. Enter your access code and select Add it

Steps for Quicken

  1. Click Add Accounts
  2. Under 'Investing' select Brokerage and click Next
  3. Search for "ShareBuilder"
  4. Enter your ShareBuilder Username
  5. Enter your access code in the 'Password' box and select Connect

Steps for Bing Finance

  1. At 'Start', select the Bing Finance tile and go to 'My Finance'
  2. Select the ShareBuilder icon
  3. Enter your ShareBuilder Username
  4. Enter your access code in the 'Access Code' box and select Done