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Our trade price drops. Boom!

All day. Every day. How cool is that?

Everything else keeps getting more expensive – so we went the other way and dropped our trade price. Save up to 30% over the other guys with our new $6.95 price*.

No coupon, expiration date or secret knock required.

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Designed for iPad. Tailored by you.

Make room on your home screen
for a free, user-friendly investing app.

  • Customize your dashboard with go-to content and data
  • Get insight from video news, robust charts and screeners
  • Make trades, manage your watch lists and transfer funds
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Video news from the Wall Street Journal

Today's financial stories, on demand.

Ever miss a story that might have changed how you invested? Now you can catch the market buzz at, with daily videos from the Wall Street Journal. They cover earnings, predictions, analysis and more.

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Bond funds center

Discover bond-focused mutual funds
and ETFs.

  • Use quick, pre-set, customizable search options
  • Jump right to top-rated and popular funds
  • Invest in the funds that fit your goals
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Trades that serve your strategy

Added order types offer more trading flexibility.

  • Help protect profits and minimize losses with Trailing Stops
  • Enter up to six orders at once with Multiple Order Entry
  • Control your execution prices with Stop-Limit orders

These are just a few of the new order types now available through ShareBuilder.

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Ratings that carry serious weight

Markit ResearchTeamTM Consensus Reports

  • 1 combined rating from 19 research providers
  • Reports informed by Morningstar, Argus, and others
  • Not available from any other online brokerage

Start with a quote, then click Ratings and View Report.

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VeriSign Securities Investor Protection Corporation
Securities in your account protected up to $500,000.
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