ShareBuilder by Capital One

As you may know, Capital One officially bought us on February 17, 2012. But you still sign in, place trades, transfer money, check your watch lists and keep an eye on your account balance(s) as you always have. And, you can still use the same powerful investing tools to keep your portfolio in tip-top shape.

But we know you may still have questions, so we've put together some answers for you below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Was ShareBuilder Corporation included in the sale to Capital One?

Yes, but you can continue to access and manage your portfolio the same way you always have. To learn more, just keep reading.

Who is Capital One?

Like ShareBuilder, Capital One believes in providing tremendous value and convenience. Founded in 1988, it's grown to become one of the largest financial institutions in the nation with approximately 45 million customers. Capital One has a history of innovation – from its early days as a small bank to its current status as a world-class Fortune 500 company. Together, we'll stay committed to delivering exceptional value and an ideal customer experience.

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